Monday, June 27, 2011

Kristol: ‘Troop Deployment Schedule Is Being Determined by David Axelrod, Not by David Petraeus’

12:06 PM, JUN 23, 2011 • BY DANIEL HALPER


The boss blasted President Obama’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan a couple minutes ago on Fox News. “Most strikingly,” Bill Kristol said, “was the president's announcement about the September 2012 deadline: cutting the fighting season in half next year and really putting at risk our achievements in Afghanistan. I mean, it is really remarkable when our troop deployment schedule is being determined by David Axelrod, not by David Petraeus.”
Kristol went on to say that  “[President Obama] could have given the commanders, General Petraeus and the other commanders on the ground, what we need to make Afghanistan much more likely be a success.… I think it's very bad for the country and heralds a very difficult next year and a half.”
Here’s video:

Kristol: Afghanistan Strategy Set By David Axelrod, Not David Petraeus