Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Palestinian Arabs quite happy about this terror attack

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Downtown Jerusalem


I had noted that Palestinian Arabs did not react to the Itamar attack with the joy that we are used to seeing from terror attacks, even though it was in a "settlement." In general, only Islamic Jihad praised the attack; other groups condemned it implicitly or explicitly, and the PalArab "man on the street" was ashamed.

I was speaking to some family members about it and my guess was that the main reason they distanced themselves from that attack was because it was so personal - to look in a baby's eyes and stab him, to butcher a three year old.  I said that if it would have been a bomb or a shooting, there would have been far more celebrations.

Unfortunately, I can now be proven right.

The reaction in the Fatah-leaning Palestine Press Agency comments are uniformly ecstatic. (Autotranslation does not work as well for informal text like this, so I couldn't decode some of them.)

God is great and thankfully the hearts of Muslims in this jihadist operation and I ask God Almighty to be there to kill me in a similar operation in response to the continued crimes of the occupation in the Gaza Strip.

Praise be to God: Victory of the Mujahideen Lord Thy God is great, and thankfully

God bless these operations, And instill fear and terror in the hearts of the sons of Zion

God is great and thank God ......

Oh God, victory to the Mujahideen in Palestine and everywhere; God please make an earthquake beneath the feet of the Jews and destroy them the way they destroyed our homes in Gaza

And, from Jerusalem, what sounds like an Al Aqsa (Fatah) member taking credit, although there is no corroboration:
We are the sons of Al Aqsa Martyrs; we adopt [take credit for] the operation and with pride I go to the chapeau of the martyrs of Gaza.