Thursday, March 24, 2011

The name of the woman killed in the attack in downtown Jerusalem


Mary Jane Gardner, 55, Bible Translator

The name of the woman who was killed in the attack has been released. Mary Jane Gardner, 55, was a Scottish woman studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

According to the Telegraph, Ms. Gardner was a well-regarded Bible translator, who came to Israel in January to study Hebrew. She was working on a project to translate the New Testament int Ife, a language spoken in Togo, West Africa, most likely for missionary purposes. Although the students from her school are normally bussed to school and back for security, Ms. Gardner was in town to meet a friend at a restaurant, and passed the scene on foot the moment the bomb exploded.

After learning of her tragic death, the founder of the Home for Bible Translators where Ms. Gardner was studying said: "The shock of the evil behind the killing of civilians for the sake of killing is hard to take."

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad claims that the Palestinian Authority arrested two of the group's members on the suspicion that they were involved in yesterday's bombing in Jerusalem. (Galei Tzahal Radio)

DEBKA, however, claims the following:
DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that the attack was professionally executed by a team of three to five with local aid from East Jerusalem Palestinians. While the authorities have reassured the city that it was a one-off attack, intelligence and terror experts are certain a terrorist organization activated trained bombers and may do so again.