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Play the Violins, and Hear the PLO's Statement: "Foreign occupation began with creation of Israel"

Arafat - Father of the PLO's
Founded in 1964 as a Palestinian nationalist umbrella organization dedicated to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. After the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, control devolved to the leadership of the various fedayeen militia groups, the most dominant of which was Yasser Arafat's Al-Fatah. In 1969,
Mahmoud Abbas (left)
The Palestinian National Authority/Palestinian Authority is the interim government of the Palestinian territories, first headed by headed by Yasser Arafat and now led by Mahmoud Abbas.Basically, it's the 'government' of Palestine, but since Palestine is not an officially recognized sovereign state in the eyes of the world, it's still an 'interim' government. 
OH oh! Egyptian Presiden Murbarak "gone" from this group! (far left)
and after this coming September elections,
who knows?  Abbas may be "gone" too!
Is it my opinion only, or does Abbas look like the reluctant dragon?

Saturday, February 12, 2011
Palestinian National Elections Before September, Says PLO Executive Committee (Foreign occupation began with creation of Israel)
For over six decades now, the Palestinian people have been speaking,
working, sacrificing, and endeavoring to achieve freedom from a brutal
foreign occupation.

Palestinian National Elections Before September, Says PLO Executive
Date : 12/2/2011 Time : 17:34


RAMALLAH, February 12, 2011 (WAFA) – The PLO Executive Committee decided in
its meeting held in Ramallah on Saturday to hold presidential and
legislative no later than September, according to a statement read by its
secretary Yaser Abed Rabbo at the conclusion of its meeting.

It called for unity of the Palestinian people in order to end the division.
The statement also discussed the latest developments in Egypt.
Following is the full official text of the statement:

The Palestinian People and leadership support the Egyptian people and their
collective decision to achieve change and democracy. Egypt is a great
country and has been a principal partner and supporter of the Palestinian
people throughout its just struggle to achieve freedom and independence. We
have no doubt Egypt will remain a key player in the region and the world and
will maintain its pivotal role as a key supporter of the Palestinian people
and its just cause.

Palestinians wish security, stability and prosperity for Egypt. In these
historic moments, the Palestinian people and leadership wish to convey their
sincere wishes that Egypt maintains its central role in the region and the
world. This is key to the Palestinian national interest and is in the
benefit of regional and international peace and security.

The peoples of the region are capable of addressing their issues and
achieving their goals and rights through unity, peaceful actions, and

In this regard, we reiterate that national unity remains a central goal for
the Palestinian leadership as it is key to restoring our internal strength
and achieving our national aspirations. We join the youth, who demonstrated
in solidarity with Egypt overnight, in demanding an end to the internal
Palestinian division. And we promise our people to take all actions that
would contribute to ending this dangerous division.

The Palestinian leadership also affirms that it is preparing for
Presidential and Legislative elections at a date no later than next
September. In this context, we call upon all parties to set aside their
reservations and disagreements. Let us work together to hold elections and
uphold the will of the Palestinian people. As for differences and
disagreements, whether in political or security matters, we believe that
these issues could be resolved by the coming elected Legislative Council.

The world must study the events and momentum in the region carefully and
draw the correct conclusions: Supporting peoples’ universal human rights is
not a position that can be adopted selectively. Rather, it is the only moral
position any democracy should take.

Gone are the days where peoples' aspirations and rights could be suppressed
and oppressed with impunity. At this historic crossroad, Israel must
understand that rules of the game have changed irreversibly. The Israeli
government must now realize that it will no longer be possible to enjoy
immunity while continuing to defy international law and the international
consensus that now calls for the establishment of a viable and sovereign
Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with
international law.

In this regard, we call on the President of the United States of America,
Barack Obama, to translate his address last night about the power of human
dignity and universal rights into actions. It is unacceptable for the
Palestinian people to remain excluded from the inspiration and force your
Excellency spoke of. Here too, the arch of history must be bent towards

The Palestinian people know first-hand that the moral force of human dignity
and justice are unstoppable. No amount of force, no matter how brute, can
stand in its way or block its rightful path. A people's determination to
achieve justice should only be supported; and Palestinians are not and will
not be the exception.

In this regard, we invite the international community to take the only
acceptable and moral position towards the just aspirations of the
Palestinian people for freedom and self-determination. The Palestinian
leadership calls on the international community to translate its supportive
positions towards the legitimate aspirations of peoples. There is a draft
resolution on Israel's continued illegal settlement activity in the occupied
Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, now under consideration by
the United Nations Security Council. It provides the Permanent Members of
the Security Council with a golden opportunity to prove the credibility and
comprehensive nature of their positions towards freedom. This draft
resolution reflects the collective will of the majority of the world's
peoples. It is unacceptable to stand against this will.

For over six decades now, the Palestinian people have been speaking,
working, sacrificing, and endeavoring to achieve freedom from a brutal
foreign occupation. It is time for the world to hear Palestine’s call for
freedom. Now is the time for Palestine's freedom.


My note:
After that little propaganda speech, I think it only appropriate to play the following video::

ILANIT - I'am an Israeli 

Shalom, dear Israel!  Time to give the Palestinian Authority their wish, their own "state" in Jordan - for Jordan is Palestine.  

Here's one posted last September 1, 2010, but a good reminder...