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"Obama's Islamization of NASA continues ... By: Bare Naked Islam

Note: ... In line with an earlier post about Obama being the "godfather" of Islam, please note this article posted by BARE NAKED ISLAM.   Maybe we should have named one of the rockets for the victims of Ft. Hood ....!!     Or, for the victims of Sept. 11th, caused by Islam terrorists.                                                                                                                                                 

Obama’s Islamization of NASA continues: NASA rocket to bear name of Egyptian woman killed in anti-Mubarak protests

Ever since Barack Hussein Obama made ‘MUSLIM OUTREACH’ the main priority of NASA, the shuttle is being grounded, future manned space missions are not in the budget, but Muslim names seem to be popping up in every part of NASA.

AKI –The United States space agency NASA has okayed the naming of one of its spaceships after a young Egyptian woman killed in late January during an anti-goverment protest, according to Egyptian daily Al-Masry-al-Youm.
The paper quoted Essam Mohamed Haji, a young researcher at NASA as saying on Thursday he had received approval to put the young woman Sally Zahran’s name on a spaceship heading for Mars.
Zahran, a 23 year old English translator died after she was beaten about the head on 28 January with a truncheons during clashes with security forces in in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Sohag. Anti-government protesters claim her killers were thugs in the pay of police.
“This is the least we could provide to Egyptian youth and revolutionaries. This step represents transferring the dreams of Egyptian youth from a small stretch of earth to the enormous expanse of space,” said Haji was cited as telling Al-Masri Al-Youm by phone from California.

February 12, 2011
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