Saturday, February 12, 2011

All Roads do not lead to Democracy

Saturday, February 12, 2011
Egyptians protesting for "Democracy" ... "Freedom" ....
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By: Bee Sting
For the past 20 days the eyes of the world have been on Egypt and the Egyptian citizens protesting their government.  The fall of President Murbarak was announced yesterday, Friday, February 11, 2011.  Murbarak has been an ally to the United States for the past 30 years. In his place, "temporarily" the Army is taking his place, until the Egyptians regroup, decide who they want for a leader and hold elections.  However, before all of that comes into place, leaders must be chosen, a Declaration of Independence must be written to coincide with the newly gained "independence" of the people.    

And, since Egypt has never know freedom under anyone but former dictators, the Constitution will most likely have to be rewritten. Much work to be done, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, according to a post on "The West, Islam and Sharia"
"Egypt's military authorities have reaffirmed the country's commitment to all its international treaties.  The announcement, which was read by a senior officer on state TV, implicitly confirms that the country's peace treaty with Israel will remain intact.
The military also vowed to oversee a peaceful transition to civilian rule."
"The Arab Republic of Egypt is committed to all regional and international obligations and treaties," the military officer said.
The BBC's Wyre Davis in Cairo says the statement should allay the concerns of the United States and Israel, where politicians are anxious that a change in leadership could jeopardise the 1979 Camp David accords."   

However, the Examiner describes a situation that is more a reality that is Egypt:

" While crowds danced in the streets of Egypt and the US State Department prepared a package of aid to try and help Egypt transition to a “real” democracy the reality is that nothing has probably changed for the better and the downsides may even be worse than having the corruption riddled Mubarak government in place."  ....... "In short the demonstrators may be out of the streets, temporarily.  But Mubarak’s departure will not solve Egypt’s ills.  This will become clear when the euphoria wears off. 

Mubarak's gone, the crowds are slowly walking away, the military is Egypt's government "temporarily" and all that is left to be done is wait and see in the following days and months, choices that will either give the Egyptians democracy, or another Islamic extremists country in the place of dictatorship.

That is what disturbs many Americans this evening about the "wait and see". The only organized group in Egypt, other than the military is the Muslim Brotherhood and do not forget, that during the "peaceful" crowd's demonstrations, "ntelligence updates reaching Israel reveal that Hamas plans to follow up its attack on the Egyptian-Israel-Jordanian gas pipeline Saturday, Feb. 5, with more large-scale operations against Israel, using Egyptian Sinai as its launching-pad."

Another concern is listening to James Clapper, Director of Intelligence claim the Muslim Brotherhood is a "secular" organization.  The White House was quick to clarify Clapper's misunderstanding of the MB, however, there is a deeper lack of understanding concerning Islam.  The MB is not secular, nor is it "moderate" - it is radical Islam - period.  To read more about the MB, see: "Muslim Brotherhood Fact Sheet.  And another report by World ThreatsBrotherhood Reviving Military Wing.

In the Muqata's February 3rd report, they quoted a MB deputy leader Rashad al-Bayoumi as saying: "the peace treaty with Israel will be abolished after a provisional government is formed by the movement and other Egypt's opposition parties.  "After President Mubarak steps down and a provisional government is formed, there is a need to 
dissolve the peace treaty with Israel," al-Bayoumi said.

Does al-Bayoumi's comments sound like a "moderat" Islamic group, ready to lead a country that is seeking democracy for its people?  No, of course not!  Should the United States take steps to guide the Egyptians into plans that would bring freedom and democracy BEFORE supplying billions of dollars in aid?  Do all roads lead to democracy?  Why not ask the Palestinians in Gaza, who voted for the terrorist group Hamas to be their leaders.  The Palestinians, tired of their dictator Abbas, voted and chose Hamas and that was a vote that came with a high price, as the Palestinians traded a dictator for terrorism.  Can Egypt prevent this from happening?  If it does, it would be the first Arab country in all the Middle East that truly planned for and accepted democracy for "all" the people and not just a chosen few.

While reading some of the blogs earlier today, I noted one from Scarmouchee which caught my eye this morning.  Scarmouchee posted the following warning:  "Listen Up, Kafirs: "Freedom"=Sharia"  "The local Muslim rag The Muslim tells it like it is re "freedom" in Egypt,,,,,".   
Going directly to "The Muslim" news, here are a few paragraphs of their lengthy article, explaining the purpose for the uprising in Egypt:

........................... "Two things are common in the reasoning of Muslims’ uprising: slavery and humiliation. Muslims (a part of, or whole Muslim world) have been living under slavery for more than the last two centuries. First they were under the direct control of colonial and occupying powers; Britain, France, and Italy, etc. Afterward Muslims were slaves of the enslaving governments’ puppets, clients, paid agents, and rulers under all forms of governments --monarchy, dictatorship, socialism, and democracies." ....... It is impossible for a Muslim to accept slavery if he/she has the Quran in his/her hand, in his/her heart, and in his/her mind.:
Islam provides a complete way of life:  a political system much better than any type of monarchy, dictatorship and democracy; an economic system much better than any kind of capitalism, socialism and communism; a social system much better than liberalism and secularism; an education system much better than Western characterless education; a judicial system (that supports oppressed) much better than Anglo-Saxons laws (that favours/lenient to oppressor and criminals); and a spiritual system much better than any spiritual system and dogmas. Islam purifies both body and soul and keeps active in the real practical life. Hence, Islam as a complete code of life doesn’t need any man-made system from outside from which to borrow.
Bush number 2 has to provide an excuse to invade, destroy, and then re-construct to control Iraq and whole region for forever. He has shown the world “what really happened” in 9/11 of 2001. Bush number 2 invaded and destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving several million dead bodies and hundreds of thousands of millions disabled and maimed.
USA has supported and given open license to Israel to kill men, women, and children of Palestinians on daily basis. The daily foods and drinks of the rulers of Zionist state Israel are the flesh and blood of Palestinian children. ... The US, other Western powers and their agencies and think-tanks have funded Islamophobes and have paid heavy salaries to the pimps who were born, unfortunately, into Muslim societies and families   The analysts, who are viewing the situation of Egypt as a revolt against hunger, poverty, and unemployment (solely), are thinking from their stomachs and not from their minds
If "The Muslim" commentary and analysis is correct and why would we doubt the words of "The Muslim", the West should understand that this is a waring of things to come from Egypt. There is no love lost for the West, or any democracy in this world, from the Muslims. Islam demonstrates a deep-rooted, taught by the Koran, hatred towards all non-Muslims. Islam is not moderate; there are just some groups more radical than others, for all follow the teachings of the Koran and expect the countries they immigrate to to accept Sharia law.  It is happening here in America, throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.  What don't you understand about Islam?!
The Muslim news article also describes an insane hatred towards the Jews and Israel.  It explains why Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and will continue to be the only democracy, for the ARABS are stating in their own words that they refuse to live in a civilized world, under any democracy (and that includes us, Americans) without Islam being the law and religion of all peoples.  
Therefore, once we understand the ideology of Islam and the Arab Muslims, it would be safe to say that there will be no democracy in Egypt, as there is none in the Arab world.. As a friend told me earlier today, "Democracy to Egypt, is like giving nuts to one that has no teeth." 
Question:  Where are Arabs free in the Middle East?
Answer:  See all those green patches? That's where Arabs are free in the Middle East