Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forget About Israel--What Has Obama Done About Anti-Semitism?


Source: Daled Amos

The focus of the Jewish community has naturally been on Obama's Middle East policies and his relationship with and pressure on Netanyahu. Chicago attorney Pejman Yousefzadeh writes about another issue, one that has not received much attention: Obama And Anti-Semitism
The inability or unwillingness of the Obama Administration to forcefully speak out against instances of anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party should also be a cause for concern. The demagoguery of Democrats like Rep. James Moran, who has stated that an “extraordinarily powerful” pro-Israel lobby—with “the strong support of the Jewish community”—was responsible for causing the United States to go to war with Iraq, is well known, but the Obama Administration has not decided to challenge him, or other Democrats like him, for seeking to profit politically from the popularization of anti-Semitic tropes. Nor has the administration taken on members of the liberal blogosphere for engaging in reflexive anti-Israel hatred and general anti-Semitism and for potentially causing a serious rift between liberals and American Jews, a rift that would harm the president’s political prospects and the Democratic Party’s electoral future.

Is Obama anti-Semitic? Netanyahu brother-in-law causes ruckus.

The problem goes much further than Obama's Middle East policies; it goes deeper than most Americans care to speak about openly, or recognize, as Obama's made not bones about his socialist program; through his take overs of private corporations/banks/healthcare/ etc. 
Many wiser men and women than myself have questioned Obama's ability to lead our nation; as he distorts and attempts to overrule the U.S. Constitution.
So many writers publishing books about a president that has only been in office two years! One world leader remarked that he thought Obama is insane.  Everyone trying to figure out a man who for the most part, hides his past - reveals as little as possible about himself; but what he does reveal openly and his mocking gestures towards Americans who disagree with his polices, leave little to guess about today - and that will lead to a great abandonment of his  false pledges of "hope and change"he so diligently pushed during his campaign.

America's hope is not in Obama, not in his policies or agendas - our hope is much higher than one man's dream of reforming the United States into a second or third rate nation!

There is NOT HOPE for Americans, when one's ideology is becoming the ruination of America.

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