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"The Canary in the Coal Mine"

Obama, the Selective Bully

by Vincent Gioia
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When is meddling not meddling? The answer to the question depends on whether President Obama is talking about Iran or Israel.
President Obama waffles about Iran and is "appalled" at the behavior of the Iran Super Leader toward the brave Iranian protesters as he decides whether strong condemnation may interfere with his plan to charm the Iranian leaders out of developing nuclear weapon,  but he has no qualms about bullying Israel.
Our glorious leader, to use a phrase common in dictatorships like North Korea, is pressuring the Netanyahu government mercilessly to diminish Israel's security and to accept the terrorist group and Iran puppet Hamas as a negotiating partner, despite Hamas’ express policy that it intends to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.
Obama demonstrates a stunning level of ignorance when it comes to the Middle East and like the laughing stock former President Jimmy Carter unquestioningly swallows the propaganda of the Arabs. As expected, this propaganda is repeated uncritically by most of the Obama-fawning media; how else could Obama get away with one distortion of history after another, all of them aimed at glorifying Islam and discrediting the West, in his now-famous Cairo speech?
If Obama knew anything about history, he would not have said that Israel came into existence because of the world's guilt for the Holocaust. Our president does not seem to know or understand that there is a 3,400-year-old connection by Jews to the land now known as Israel where Jews have lived continuously since ancient times. Obama does not know that in 1845 Jews outnumbered Muslim Arabs by almost to 2 to 1 in Jerusalem and were the largest ethnic group in the region, according to a census at the time. Unfortunately in this ignorance President Obama is not alone; many members of congress and most of the mainstream press are also unaware of these historical facts or otherwise choose to ignore them.
Of course what can we expect from someone who for 20 years listened to the sermons of Jeremiah Wright - the pastor who told a reporter that "them Jews ain't going to let him [Obama] talk to me."
Remember when Obama was seen in an official White House photo of the president talking to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the phone where he showed the soles of his shoes in the foreground?  In the Muslim world this is a sign of grave disrespect which was not lost on Muslim terrorists around the world. A spokesman for a terrorist organization commented: 
"It's a sign of humiliation that shows Obama thinks the Israeli government and the Jews don't deserve more than shoes. This proves Obama is disgusted with the Israelis.... With Obama's shoes, change will come." 
We don’t know, and doubt, that the president did this on purpose. But President Obama is clearly naïve and inexperienced in Middle East protocols. In any case there is no doubt that Obama’s approach to foreign policy is to treat our enemies well and our friends badly.
Israel has been called “the canary in the coal mine", meaning that Israel represents the sacrificial lamb in Mid East politics. Obama fails to understand that the enemies of Israel are the enemies of America and all of western civilization. If Obama follows the agenda of Hamas, Hizbullah and other Palestinian groups, Israel will soon be just a memory and our enemies will achieve a victory by their terrorism which they could not realize through military action.
Vincent Gioia is a retired lawyer who is also a metallurgical engineer graduate from Colorado School of Mines. He lives in Palm Desert, California. 
Cheshvan 11, 5771 / 19 October 10

My note:

AL KOL ELEH על כל אלה - Hebrew sing along

HebrewSingAlong | October 07, 2009
על כל אלה /נעמי שמר
Of all those/ Naomi Shemer
יוסי בנאי
Yosi Banai

על הדבש ועל העוקץ
Of the honey and the sting
על המר והמתוק
Of the bitter and the sweet
על בתנו התינוקת
Of our little baby daughter
שמור אלי הטוב
Watch over, my good god

על האש המבוערת,
Of the lit fire
על המים הזכים,
Of the fresh water
על האיש השב הביתה
Of the man returning home
מן המרחקים.
From the distance

על כל אלה, על כל אלה
Of all those, of all those
שמור נא לי אלי הטוב.
Please watch over for me, my good god
על הדבש ועל העוקץ
Of the honey and the sting
על המר והמתוק
Of the bitter and the sweet
אל נא תעקור נטוע
Please do not uproot the planted
אל תשכח את התקוה
Do not forget the hope
השיבני ואשובה
Bring me back and I'll return
אל הארץ הטובה
To the good land

שמור אלי על זה הבית
Protect this house, my god
על הגן, על החומה
The garden, the wall
מיגון, מפחד פתע
from sorrow, sudden terror
and from war

שמור על המעט שיש לי
Watch over the little I have
על האור ועל הטף
The light and the children
על הפרי שלא הבשיל עוד
The yet unripe fruit
That has already been gathered

על כל אלה...
Of all those

מרשרש אילן ברוח
A tree rustles in the wind
מרחוק נושר כוכב
From afar a star falls
משאלות ליבי בחושך
In the dark the wishes of my heart
נרשמות עכשיו
Are now written down

אנא, שמור לי על כל אלה
Please take care of all those for me
ועל אהובי נפשית
And of the ones I love
על השקט, על הבכי
Of the silence, of the crying
ועל זה השיר
And of this song

על כל אלה...
Of all those...

Picture (c) to this channel