Friday, October 29, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: "Developing! Bomb plot involving several cargo planes originated in YEMEN!"

DEVELOPING! Bomb plot involving several cargo planes originated in YEMEN!

US and European authorities are attempting to thwart what appears to be an ongoing bomb plot in which more than a dozen potential bombs were shipped to the US aboard numerous air carriers, federal sources told ABC news.

FOX NEWS has a live feed here: FOX NEWS
It is unknown who is behind the plot, nor how authorities learned of it. (But I guess the fact that the bombs originated in Yemen doesn’t give them a clue?)
ABC NEWS The devices may have been distributed onto UPS cargo trucks in New York and possibly New Jersey.
Other potential devices have been found in London, according to ABC News. It is unknown how many if any of the suspected devices currently under investigation are live, however authorities in England have reportedly already defused one such device.
New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey authorities as well as federal authorities are attempting to track down the suspected improvised devices and bomb technicians are on the scene of the numerous suspected devices already located at banks in Queens and at other locations.
One of the flights landed at Newark Airport, and the plane was taken to the UPS cargo facility.
Authorities are also checking packages at a facility in Queens and another location in Brooklyn.
Two planes are also getting checked in Philadelphia.
The planes involved: UPS Flight 218, a Boeing 767 that departed Paris and landed in Philadelphia; UPS Flight 204, a MD 11, that was scheduled to depart Philadelphia for Louisville; A UPS Flight that arrived at Newark Airport from somewhere in Europe, off loaded packages at their loading dock. That cargo area is now being searched.
Operations at the two airports have not been impacted.
While details remain sketchy, ABC News reports it appears England was a transshipment point in the plot in which devices were believed to be placed aboard cargo planes for shipment to targets in the U.S.

I wonder if this is related to the crash of a UPS cargo plane in Dubai last month?

October 29, 2010
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