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Two comments on the issue of mosques - By: Mike Stopa

Signs held by followers of the "Religion of Peace":
Butcher those who mock Islam - Slay those who mock Islam

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The Inkblot Mosque

I wanted to bring your attention to a candidate for Massachusetts 3rd district, conservative republican, Harvard Physicist Mike Stopa. 

In this article he states he would not want a Mosque in his neighborhood.

Written by Mike Stopa   
Sunday, 08 August 2010 08:59
A recent New York Times article chronicles the growing vocal discontent over the building of mosques in communities across America. The article should be read. It presents reasonable arguments from both sides. In particular, the argument is made by some of the anti-mosque protesters that mosques are not exclusively places of worship but are, on some occasions, places where violence is planned. There are two major points, somewhat related to this idea, which I think are overlooked in this debate.

  1. As the great scholar of Islam, Bernard Lewis, has pointed out: the founder of Christianity was a common man who was executed by the state. The founder of Islam was a king. Christianity and to a lesser extent Judaism have long traditions of separation between church and state. Islam does not. Thus, the secular rule and the clerical rule are united in Islamic society.

    The unity of worldly and heavenly law in Islam is the greatest source of the retardation of economic, social and technological development in the Islamic world. 

    We can understand this because piety and devotion to God and the afterlife are open-ended goals. To demand that the state pursue, in its laws, the honoring of God rather than the satisfaction of worldly demands of God’s people leaves the state with little reason to adjust to new technology or the modern world. If you think about it, a nation where the rules are made by clerics is just a big monastery. In a monastery, painting and music and maybe even a little innovation in the garden are tolerated. But these things distract from the main pursuit of the pious life, which is worship of God.
  2. One major difference between mosques and churches or temples is that anyone may enter a church or a temple. Only muslims may enter a mosque (or at least the principal prayer areas). It is not the bricks and mortar of the mosque building to which people object. Rather, the concern is with what goes on inside. To what extent are they seed beds of terror ? We do not know because we are not allowed to go in and see and hear. This makes the life of Muslims and their mosques rather like secret societies. We know that people like the Fort Hood shooter were indoctrinated in American mosques. We know that there is radicalism in Islam. And we are not allowed in the door to see how much of that is going on.

Islam seeks a world of believers and is willing to put its worldly sword to the task of getting them. I therefore don’t like having Muslims meeting in secret to discuss these things in my neighborhood. The burden of proof that what’s going on inside is all innocent is with the followers of Islam.
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Mike on Hannity discussing the Ground Zero Mosque.

Sharia Law and the Saudi Invasion of the USA

Mike is a PhD Physicist specializing in nano technology.

--Personal friend.

My note:
Since the President of the United States has given his "blessings" to have a mosque built within two city blocks of Ground Zero, the unholy plans to build this mosque over the ashes for 3,000 Americans who died at the hands of Islamic suicide murders has NOW become a political issue and no longer has anything to do with Islam wanting a mosque so close to Ground Zero.

Political, for when a President of the United States speaks up for such an unpopular attempt to mock the will of the majority of Americans, under the guise of "religious freedom" - one must ask some tough questions, such as,

 1.  What on earth is this President thinking, or is he thinking, to stand up for 1% of America's population, knowing full well that it was under the hands of radical Islamists that Americans died on September 11th?

2.   Since when does the government of the United States speak for any one particular religion?  The President has crossed the lines of separation of church and state.

3.   Over 76% of Americans object to this building and yet, the President once again ignores the will of the people!

4.   As noted in the comments of Mike Stopa, what goes on inside a mosque is "secret" - and thus, the plots of terrorism have been known to take place in mosques led by radical Imam.  Just contact the one who now lives in Yemen - the American Muslim who is now on the CIA/FBI's most wanted list.

5.  Are all Muslims radical? The answer may be "no"; however, it appears that all radicals attempting to blow up buildings, cities, trains, planes are Muslim.

6.  And lastly, since Sept. 11th, American troops are fighting radical Muslims all over the world and we, as a nation, have a duty to honor our troops,  For nine years, American men and women are continuing to protect our freedoms in an on-going, never-ending War on Terror, and as Americans, we have a responsibility to refuse to allow a radical Imam, paid by the federal government, to seek donations from Arab countries to build a mosque within two city blocks of what use to be the Twin Towers. 

The presence of that mosque is a tribute to the contributions of Islam on America's soil...their contribution was death to America.  

Since the President has opened up a wound that will NEVER heal as long as we continue to be on watch for more attempts to destroy innocent people at the hands of Islamic radicals and terrorists, we can no longer sit silently, while New York fights this battle alone.

Americans can contact their legislators, Senators and demand that this mosque be move further away from the greatest tragedy on America's land - do not allow the shadow of a mosque to fall upon one inch of Ground Zero.  We can also protest peacefully throughout every single American city until those in Washington begin to LISTEN to the "will of the people".

America did not vote for Obama to have him become the apologist and spokesperson for Islam!